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Moving Checklist | Order Moving Boxes in Advance

Moving Checklist

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When moving, preparation is vital to success. Moving Box Delivery hopes that our “10 steps moving checklist is helpful to you in preparing for your move!  Our moving checklist is designed to make it easy for you to be successful in preparing for YOUR moving day. Don't forget to buy your moving boxes and moving supplies for Moving Box Delivery!



1. Find where you are going to live.

Choosing what city and/or what part of town you will be moving to is a very important decision. Most people spend more time researching a car then they do research where they are going to live.

There are wonderful resources to help to you research your new home online, even before you travel to a new place. Quickly be able to research items such as cost of living, demographics, traffic, job opportunities, weather, schools, crime, health and more will help you make an effective decision when you move. 

2. Find housing to buy or rent.

When moving to a new place, many people chose to rent to learn the area to determine which part of town they would actually like to purchase a home in. If you are looking for a rental, a roommate, or you would like to purchase a home, Moving Box Delivery hopes these resources are helpful. 

3. Research Schools if you have children.

Get a copy of all records and also have them transferred. Schools can vary drastically from one part of town to another. Every parent knows that an important aspect of your research for finding a new home is finding an area with a good school system.  

4. Donate, Sell, or Throw Away Items that You do not want to move.

One of the best ways to save a lot of money on moving expenses is to have fewer items to move. Most people accumulate a lot of belongings that they don’t necessarily use, or want to keep when moving. Spend time going through your home and deciding what you are going to donate, throw away or sell. You will be very happy you did this once moving day comes around. It also will make unpacking that much easier! 

5. Research and Hire a Moving Company


  • A local mover is paid by the hour and has the authority to move from one city to another city.
  • A long distance mover can move from one state to another and charges by the pound.

Most people do not know there are two types of movers. Which one should you use, particularly when most long distance movers will also move you from one city to another.  If you are moving locally from one city to another city,  in almost all cases it is recommended to hire a “Local Mover,” versus a long distance mover. Local movers typically charge less money, as they charge by the hour versus charging by the pound. Most local movers provide FREE hanging Wardrobe boxes for use the day of the move. This is why Moving Box Delivery does not include these boxes in our moving kits and makes these boxes an optional kit. If you are moving long distance, you will need a lot of wardrobe boxes for clothes and other large items. Find a Mover - American Moving Association 

6. Prepare for Shipping Items

When moving from one state to another, the two most common items that people need to ship is their car, and/or fine art. Remember to reserve a rental car, as it can sometimes take a few weeks for your car to arrive when shipping it.   

7. Prepare for Your Move

 8. Change Important Addresses

So much to do, and so little time. Therefore, a very important task in moving preparation is to forward your address to your new home with the post office. Then if there are a few providers that you accidentally forget to change addresses with, you will still receive your mail. Also, don’t forget changing your address with the IRS, the DMV, and social security if applies. change address

9. Cancel old services and order new home services.

Moving Box Delivery has created a very helpful moving checklist to make it easy for you to remember to change all of your bills. From telephones to magazines to newspapers, we hope that this easy checklist helps you remember to change all of your important bills.

10.  Order moving boxes from Moving Box Delivery!