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Change Address Resources | Moving Resources

Need Help Changing Your Address?
change address checklist

In preparation for moving other then buying moving boxes, and moving supplies there are many things that you need to do. One of these important tasks is it is often required to change address locations for so many things including; school records, telephone records, cell phone bills, long distance bills, health providers, friends, family, trash, cable, magazines etc. It is so easy to forget to change address locations for something, so use our handy checklist to make sure you don't forget! We hope that our change address checklist is helpful to you in preparation for moving.

Change Address of Utilities

1. Telephone services-Home Phone Service & Long distance Service

Order your new phone service with your new home and find out what your new number will be.

Cancel existing phone service with a  cut-off date around the time you move.

Leave a forwarding phone number from your old phone number to your new phone number.  


2. Change Address of Cellular Services

Research if your new cellular number has good coverage in the area you are moving to.  

Switch to a local phone number of the city you will be moving to.


3. Change Address for Electricity

Cancel Service with your new date and have service turned on in your new home the day before you move in.


4. Change Address for Cable Providers

Cancel Cable TV Service and start new service.


5. Change Address for Trash and Water Services

Schedule a time to have the meter read.

Cancel Service


6. Change Address for Newspapers

Cancel local subscriptions if moving out of state.

Change the address of other papers that you will keep like USA Today.


7. Change Address for Magazines

Change the address of magazines you will still want to keep. 


8. Change Address for Movie DVD Subscriptions in Mail

If you have a subscription to Blockbusters or to Netflix, don’t forget to change your address.


9. Change Address for Banks

Change address Information of the bank you are with to make sure you are receiving your statements.

If you are moving to another state, you may want to keep the account open until you secure a relationship with a new bank in your local area.

Be sure you keep the minimum amount needed in the account so you are not charged with extra fines.


10. Change Address for Insurance Providers


  • Life
  • Car Insurance

If you are moving to another state, you may need to change some of your insurance providers. Even if you keep the same providers, you will need to change addresses.


11. Change Address for Professional Service Providers

Lawyers, Accountants

If you hire services from a lawyer or accountant, make sure that they have your forwarding information and you receive a copy of any records that would want to keep from their services.

12. Doctors

lf you are moving out of state and will be getting new doctors, request a copy of all your medical files far in advance. Put these in a safe place before you move.

Change your address with these doctors also, in the event there are any past bills that they will need to contact you about.


13. Change Address of Credit Cards

Change address information, with an effective future date for all your credit cards.  

  • Visa
  • Master card
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Pay pal (if you use)
  • Department Store Credit Cards


14. Change Address for Transfering School Records

If you have children, be sure to transfer school records from one school to another, and provide your new address for the school.

If you are switching to a new school mid-year, complete all the paperwork well in advance of moving. Often there can be a lot of paperwork that is required.


15. Change Address for Friends, Family and Co-Workers

Often when we move, we forgot to send an announcement to our friends and family with our new mailing address.

TIP: Remember buy boxes for moving and protect your valuables!