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Need Specialty New York Boxes with Free Delivery?

Order Specilty New York Boxes Easily and Quickly

If you need specialty New York boxes for moving, you have come to the right place. We are here to help! Specialty boxes for moving are so often forgotten about and can lead to damages and wasted time. The good news is that we make it easy to order specialty New York boxes such as lamp shade boxes, picture boxes and television moving boxes. Also, many residents who live in the Upstate New York will have difficulty even finding these specialty boxes in Big box stores, but this is our specialty. 

The great news anyone can order specialty New York boxes and you do not even have to be home to sign for them. We offer  FREE delivery of New York boxes in any of the five boroughs of Manhattan, and in all of Upstate New York including; New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island,  Albany, Astoria, Ithaca, Rego Park, White Plains, Rochester, Syracuse, and Yonkers. Click here for Six Tips to Effectively Order NYC moving boxes 



Reviews About Ordering Cheap Boxes for Moving in New York:

"This service is FANTASTIC! I really can't say it better than that. I ordered my New York boxes when I was moving to the Upper East Side and would use this service again and again! "

Mark Debolt

NY, New York


"Ordering my specialty New York boxes on-line saved me time. Time is money. It is ideal for busy professionals moving in New York."


Marcus Jones- Finance


"My last move we broke two of our televisions while moving, so I never wanted to do that again. This time I used the specialty tv boxes and they worked great. No damages whatsoever!" 

Lyn Meyers- Stay at home mom 


Top Specialty NYC Boxes Moving For Moving to Consider Using for Your Upcoming Move: 

#1. Lamp boxes in New York:
NYC lamp boxes are available to protect your lamps and your lampshades. Professional moving companies will not transport lamps if they are not sealed in a box. Also, this prevents damage to the lamp while in transit. 

TIP: Always remove the lamp shade from the lamp, and store the screws in a labeled bag. 

#2. Lamp shade Boxes in New York: 
Lamp shades are very delicate. Use New York lamp shade boxes, which are effectively strong moving boxes. Depending on the size of your shade, you can select the correct side of box. 

Tip: Select a a box that is two inches larger than your shade. Use unprinted packing paper to line the box. (Don't use newspaper or the print can blead into your shade.) 

#3. Office File Boxes 
With so many people working at home, many people have office files, tax files, or medical records that they need to safely transport. Order your New York file boxes to safely move all of these documents.  

#4. Glass or Picture Moving Boxes
Everyone has art on their walls with frames. You don't want your pictures or glass mirrors  to be damaged in transit. To prevent these order a set of eight New York picture boxes.   

Tip: Place a picture pouch wrap around your picture before placing in the specialty picture box. 

#5. Flat Screen Television Boxes in New York 
Protect your televisions while moving with New York television boxes. These specialty boxes are designed to protect your televisions while moving. 
Click here for four television packing tips

6. Hanging Clothes Boxes 
Order New York wardrobe boxes to transport all of your hanging clothes. This New York specialty box includes a bar that makes it easy to transport your entire wardrobe without taking the hangers off. 

Tip: These boxes are also helpful to be used for shoes on the bottom of the box. 

#7. New York Boxes in all sizes
If you need regular NYC moving boxes, we can also help you with a one-stop shop service. 


Tips to Prepare Packing Your New York Boxes for Moving Supplies:  

1. If you need to sell your belongings before your move, a quick and easy way is to post your items for sale on New York Craigs List

2. As a tip, if you need to store items before you move, label all of your New York specialty boxes with where they should be located and what is inside.

3. Use 4-5 boxes to help you decide what you want to keep, donate or give away. You don't have to give the actual cartons away, but they are wonderful to keep you sort through the contents of your home. 

4. Before you pack, donate the belongings you no longer need to wonderful New York charities. There is a FREE moving pickup service. For more information go to New York moving Donation Town

5. Need to find a good moving company in New York?  Finding a good moving company in New York is important to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound. Check out the New York BBB to make sure that your mover has A+ ratings. This helps you know that they don't have a lot of unsettled claims and that the company has been in business for at least 7 years.  An A rating they have to have been in business for at least 5 years.