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If you are moving and packing your home, you will need packing boxes and packing supplies. Make your relocation experience carefree and get everything you need at the click of a mouse. 

Moving Box Delivery sells cardboard cartons that are robust, strong and intended to be used for moving and storing. This means that when they are stacked they won't mash your belongings. This lets you relax and know that your goods will arrive in one piece on the other end. 

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4 Benefits of Using High Grade, But Cheap Packing Boxes

 1. Our Boxes Don't Contract  When Stacked

Let's face it. No one moves one box at a time.

Regardless of if you hire a mover, or you do it yourself, it is common for multiple cartons to be put on a dolly and wheeled out to the moving truck. It is industry best practice to place multiple cartons in piles in storage units and at your home.

Therefore, it is important to use boxes that will not cave in when weight is placed on top of them. At Moving Box Delivery you can be guaranteed that this will not happen. 


2. You Can Rent A Smaller Storage Unit or Moving Truck

How can the type of box you use affect the size of storage, or truck you have to rent? 

Imagine that you have a storage unit with 16 different sizes of cartons. None of them fit well on top of the others, and therefore can only stack a few at a time. Others cannot be stacked at all. 

As a result, you are very limited to how many cartons can be placed inside. Just like when kids play building block games, the foundation of the structure is what determines how high the blocks can go. 

The same is true when loading a storage unit or a moving truck. If you use the same size, industrial strength recommended boxes that are intended to be piled up, you can better pack every square inch of space and require a smaller unit or truck as a result. 

3. How Boxes Can Affect The Cost of Your Local Movers? 

Movers can be much faster when they use the same size, sturdy packing boxes. Quick movers who charge by the hour (local movers) will end up costing you less dinero if they use fewer hours. 

The reason that movers are faster with solid boxes is due to the fact that they can place more of the cardboard moving boxes on their dollies than they can if they were all different sizes, if they were missing the tops, or were just weak containers.

By stacking more boxes on top, they are able to make fewer trips from your house to the truck. Each hour of time you save is money in your pocket. 

4. Ensure Your Home Belongings are "Safe and Sound."

Sturdy boxes are the best moving insurance you can have to protect your valuables from the wears and tears that the entire relocation experience can have on your goods.