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10 Tips On How To Use Our Cheap Packing Supplies When Moving

Are you wondering how to use all of the different types of packing supplies that are available? Learning how to pack boxes is something that isn't taught in school, nor is it something that people usually give a lot of thought to. However, when it is time to move to have a few quick tricks in your toolbelt will help make your entire relocation experience so much easier. 

Follow these packing tips and it will shorten the amount of time it requires to pack your home and it will help you understand how to minimize the potential of damages. Wishing you a great move and enjoy saving money by ordering our cheap packing supplies! 

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10 Tips On How To Properly Use Packing Supplies To Make Your Move a Success! 

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#1 Tip: Chose The Correct Supplies In The First Place

The best advice when learning how to pack is to make sure that you get the right packing supplies to start.

So many people try and save a few dollars using free boxes that once had tangerines in them, or they use old tape that wasn't meant to seal boxes. Other people try and save money by using flimsy printed newspapers to wrap their fine Grandmother's china with, a method that doesn't save you any money in the long run.

The problem not investing in quality, yet cheap packing and moving supplies.

-For old used boxes have a greater potential for damages.
-The printed newspaper does not cushion your items, it is dirty and can leave black marks. -Cheap tape doesn't do the job properly and you need a ton of it just to seal your boxes. 

Just like everything in life, it is important to use the right tool. Just like you wouldn't try to hammer a nail with a screwdriver, don't try and pack without using the right packaging supplies including high-quality boxes for moving

Tip #2: Buy a Black Thick Marker To Label Your Cartons 

 Label all your cartons

Want to save time unpacking? It gets back to labeling.  If you know what is inside of each carton and what room it goes in, unpacking will be no problem at all! 

A black marker is one of the most important cheap packing supplies there is. For $1.50 you will able to label all of your boxes with what is inside the box if it is fragile, and what room it should be placed in.

Do not use a ballpoint pen, crayons, or pencils as your movers will not be able to clearly read the writing on the box. 

Movers need a quick and easy way to know where to place your boxes. Even if you are transporting your own items,  you will not remember where  100 sealed boxes should be placed and unpacking will take twice as long as it needs. Having cartons in the wrong rooms will literally add hours to unpacking.  

Tip #3: Use Inkless Packing Paper To Wrap Your Dishes

The pros use of moving packing paper to pack most items in the kitchen. All the packing supplies, this is the least known in how to use them. The great news is that it is very simple to wrap with this supply and all you need are a few tips. 

 Professional movers use is packing paper

1. Simply lay the stack of paper on a wide surface.

2. Place a cup in the paper, and roll the paper around it.  (Smaller items can share one piece of paper with another like item, but larger items need one piece of paper per belonging.) 

That is it. 

It is so straightforward and simple to do and once you get the hang of it you will be amazed at how quickly you can pack using this method. 

How Much Paper To Buy? 

As a general guideline, packing paper is sold by the pound.

10 pounds of packing paper is equal to roughly 100 sheets and 25 pounds of packing paper is equal to 250 sheets. You can count how many cups, plates, pots, and pans you have to determine how much you need. 


Watch This Video To Learn How To Pack China With Paper


Tip #4:  How To Properly Pack Boxes- Fill Them Completely

Be sure to fill all of your boxes to the top, fill in any spaces with paper, and secure with strong moving tape.

Half full boxes are very weak regardless of the quality of the cardboard that you buy. In order for them to be layered on each other, they need to be completely full. 

You Can Use The Evening Newspaper to Fill Up Your Boxes:

This is one area where you can use regular newspaper to save money. If you have all of your belongings wrapped with inkless paper and have some holes at the top of the box, you can crumple up your Sunday newspaper and fill in all the spaces so your box is full. 

Tip #5: Put Only 1 Strip Of Tape On Top and Bottom of Carton

You can buy cheap packing supplies like tape that is meant for moving, at hardly any cost. Do not use scotch tape, masking, or art tape, as they will not work.

Using the right type of tape you will only need one piece of tape on the bottom and top of the box. 

What Not To Do: 

Over taping wastes tape and adds HOURS of time. It also doesn't help secure your boxes anymore.

NOTE: This tape recommendation assumes that you follow industry recommended guidelines to not overpack your boxes, or stuff them where the contents create a mound on the top. If the top is flat, then one piece of tape is all you will need. 


Watch This Video On How To Tape Properly:



#6. How To Use a Tape Dispenser To Save Time: 

Tape dispensers are very useful packing supplies and make it easy to tape boxes

Cheap packing supplies such as tape dispensers are not REQUIRED to move, but they just make things easier and faster. After using most would agree that it is worth the small investment that is required.

A dispenser makes it very easy and quick to tape boxes AND you are able to get a tighter seal on cartons. This enables you to use less tape.

There is not a  mover out there that doesn't use a dispenser to speed up the process considerably. 

If you don't use a tape and gun dispenser, be sure to always hang the tape from a table when you are not using it. It is so common for the sticky material to adhere to the roll and you will waste a lot of time continuously trying to get the tape up for use.


Tip #7: How To Shrink Wrap Your Furniture

Packing supplies that are very useful to protect furniture is shrink wrap

The reason why the pros use packing supplies like shrink wrap, is it ensures that your furniture doesn't get dirty, scraped, dented, or worn while in transit. Also, moving companies will stack boxes and other things on top of your furniture which is why it is important to seal all upholstery. 

If you are hiring a professional, be sure to ask them if they include shrink wrapping with their normal services. Most of them do, but be sure to ask as this is sometimes an additional charge. 

Tips in Using Shrink Wrap:

1. Like all of the packing supplies, there are tricks that make it easier. With a wrap, it is the applicator. Be sure to use the applicator that comes with the wrap and it will be faster and quicker. 

2. Start on the bottom of the furniture and find some crack to put the wrap in, or have your family member hold it in place until you complete your first wrap around the piece of furniture.

3.  If you have leather furniture use moving paper pads or moving blankets before putting the wrap on it. If you put shrink wrap directly on the leather it will make it sweat.

packing supplies like paper moving pads can help protect your floors

4. Wrap the material in a circle around the furniture and continue to move up the furniture until it is covered with the wrap



Tip #8: How To Use Bubble Wrap For Small Fragile Items

Bubble wraps is the most popular of all the packing supplies

Bubble rolls are a wonderful packing supply that helps you shield delicate items and make it easy to put several of these items in a box. 

For example, if you have 20 figurines, you could wrap each one and put them all in the same box. The layers of bubble prevent shock and abrasion that will make sure that your collector items will get to your next home all in one piece. 

The 3/16 size bubble is the best multi-purpose wrap to use when moving or storing. 

Tip #9: How To Protect  Beds and Box Springs Using Mattress Bags

Mattress bags are packing supplies that are used to shelter your mattress and your box spring from bugs, moisture, dust, and dirt. Pick which size of mattress you have and purchase a bag that will support it. 

Bedbugs are a big scare in certain parts of the country and most moving trucks cannot be cleaned after every move with a disinfectant. Mattress bags can help protect the place where you lay your head every night. 


Mattress bags are packing supplies for moving that protect your bed


#10: How To Use Moving Blankets To Cover Floors, Stairs and Art Work

If you hire a professional, they will use many moving blankets for a variety of reasons such as: covering your stairs inside of your home, covering artwork before placing in a truck or lining expensive floors.

If you are transporting your own valuables you will need blankets to help protect many items that you can not wrap or pack.

Tips to Use Blankets: 

1. When transporting your belongings locally, you can wrap blankets around items in the truck, versus fully shrink wrapping them. 

2. If you are moving locally, wrap blankets around artwork while they are in the truck. You would need one blanket for every piece of art. 

3. After you move, you can save blankets and use them for a number of different purposes outside of moving. For example, when you are painting your house, they make a great cover for your floors. When you are doing the construction or having new furniture delivered, you can put them on your stairs to protect from dings. 


We hope these packing tips are helpful. If you are wondering where to buy packing supplies at low prices, you have come to the right place. Order your supplies today and receive them with free shipping and 1-2 day delivery for most of the USA! 

Enjoy Your Cheap Packing Supplies and Have a Wonderful Move!