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Recycle Moving Boxes in Denver | Recycled Boxes & Supplies in Denver

Recycle Moving Boxes in Denver!

How to Recycle Your Moving Boxes After You Use Them in Denver

Moving Box Delivery sells new moving boxes and moving supplies that are made from recycled materials. To keep our planet healthy and to make your life easier after you move, Moving Box Delivery recommends to either re-use your Denver moving boxes or recycle your boxes after you move.  Recycling Denver moving boxes helps our environment a lot!

There are a few tips to learn about how to recycle Denver moving boxes and after you understand these tips, it will also make your life easier after you move.

Have you ever moved into your new home and ended up with tons and tons of empty boxes for moving that you didn't know what to do with?


Want to Recycle Moving Boxes in Denver After You Move? 

Denver Curb Side Recycling Program

Recycle Denver moving boxes by placing them in the blue recycling bin. The cardboard must be flattened with tape removed. Also, the cardboard moving boxes must be cut into 4x4 pieces for them to accept it.

Call the City of Denver for More Information at: 720-913-1311

.Recycle Denver Moving Boxes By Dropping Them Off At Denver Recycling Locations

*Waste Management Recycle America
5395 Franklin St.
Denver, CO
Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7 AM to 4 PM
Accepts cardboard

*Waste Management Recycle America
3730 E. 48th Ave.
Denver, CO
Always open
Accepts cardboard