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How to Use Wardrobe Boxes to Save Time and Money

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How to Use Wardrobe Boxes to Save Time and Money
Wardrobe boxes is a large box with a hanging bar inside often used when packing, moving and storing. This specialty box is intended to hang clothes inside, which helps save time and money in the packing process. Overall, this very useful moving box is a must have when you are wanting to move quickly and effortlessly. It can also be used creatively to move many other items, all of which helps save your time packing and moving. Overall, wardrobe boxes are the fastest and easiest to pack and to unpack. Since clothes are already on hangers, it is easy to hang into your new closet. Doing this the day of the move prevents your clothes from getting wrinkled.

Top Tips of Using Wardrobe Boxes for an Efficient Cost-Effective Move

Tip #1: Hang Clothes Inside of the Wardrobe Boxes By Room
If each person in your family hangs their clothes up in their portable wardrobe box, then it will also be easy to unpack. This in turn will save your family a lot of time. With each person having their own portable closet, they can quickly pack and unpack from their former closet to their new closet. Versus if you combine everyone's clothes together in these boxes, then you will also have to sort that out in your new home which will take time. Transporting clothes from mom and dad's room to the kids is time that is not necessary if packed correctly to start with.
Tip #2: Label Your Wardrobe Boxes 
Use moving labels on the wardrobe moving boxes will help increase the speed of packing and unpacking. The reason is when wardrobe boxes are labeled, your movers will be able to place them in the correct location. This increases the speed of the move, and reduces the cost of your move if you are paying by the hour for local moving services. Versus if they are not labeled, one of two things will happen. 1. Either the movers will place all of the boxes in your family room, which will be very time consuming for you to sort out later. 2. Or they will have to ask you where each box should be placed. This option will cost you more money on your move if you have hired a moving company by the hour.
Tip #3: Pack Your Wardrobe Boxes Before Your Movers Arrive 
If you are moving locally, many people wait to pack their boxes until the day of the move. The problem with this strategy is it slows down your move, which costs you more per hour. If your boxes are already packed then your movers can quickly and easily transport them locally to your new home. We always recommend to pack days in advance of your move for most of your items. However, for frequently used items in your closet this can easily be done in a short period of time the day before your move.

Wardrobe boxes are very helpful for moving Tip #4: Unpack Your Wardrobe Boxes the Same Day 

Wardrobe boxes are the fastest and easiest to pack and to unpack. Since clothes are already on hangers, it is easy to hang into your new closet. It is also easy to unpack them as soon as you arrive at your new home. If you do this it prevents your clothes from getting wrinkled and if you don't want to keep them for storage, your movers can also often take them away for you to recycle or reuse.
Tip #5: Use Thin Hangers  To save time and money, it is advised to use thin hangers to hang your clothes inside of the wardrobe moving boxes. Using wood hangers that are thick or odd shapes will require more time to get items in the box. In addition, thick hangers, like plastic hangers will require more hangers to fit the same number of clothes. Therefore, you will have to purchase more boxes than you otherwise would. Wood hangers are not good to use with wardrobe moving boxes Moving Box Delivery is here to help you with all your packing and moving needs. Order all your moving boxes and supplies online to make moving easy.
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