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Moving Your Home Office? | Moving Box Delivery Home Office Moving Tips

How to Pack A Home Office

Packing home offices is easy. A few simple tricks to learn and you will have everything you need to pack your home office effectively. Packing a home office can be time-consuming particularly if you have a lot of files, and/or you have lived in your home for a long time.

Overview of Packing a Home Office:

The biggest thing that people accumulate in a home office over time are books, magazines, and paper. In many people's home offices old papers are put into file bins and grow larger and larger each year. Some of this paper needs to be saved, such as old tax records, but most of it does not. If you take away any tips about moving a home office, this is the most important one.

Throw out all the papers that you don't need before you even start packing your home office.

Other Tips for Packing a Home Office

Tip #1- Donating books to a library and recycling old paper like coupons that are 10 years old will feel great. Moving is a wonderful time to really organize your home office before you move. After all, there is no point in moving items that you no longer need. This will not only decrease the cost of your move, but it will make moving into our new home office a breeze. Order small 1.5 cubic moving boxes to transport the books you are going to keep at the same time you are sorting out ones you don't want. 

Pack books in moving boxes after you have disgarded some

Tip #2: Buy labels for your cords and label each one of your cords before you start packing. Once you start unplugging things you will forget what cord went to each device. Also, we suggest that you tape the cords on the sides of the printer or device that it goes to. This will save you a lot of time unpacking.


Label cords before putting in moving boxes

Tip #3: Do not move any pens that don't have lids on them. It is easy for these pens to explode with heat applied (the moving boxes can get hot) and spill ink all over everything you own. Typically the small size moving boxes are ideal for home office supplies. 


Tip #4: Create one of your file moving boxes to be exclusively used for the files that you use every day. This moving box should include everything you need if you were to have the rest of your office in storage for a month. Your planner, your most important customer files (if you work at home), your health records, etc.


Tip #5: Place your files inside of your moving boxes in the same order that you will put them back into your filing system. Label the outside of the moving boxes with the order of the files. File folders #1, #2, etc. Then when you are unpacking, it will be easy to unload your files in order. 

Enjoy your moving boxes and moving supplies from Moving Box Delivery.