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Moving Labels

  • Moving Labels color coordinated to rooms
  • 140 per package for household, condo, or apartment moving
  • Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Family Room, Storage, and Study
  • Easily organize your move with room destination stickers
  • Color coded for easy room identification

Moving Labels Imprinted On Moving Boxes

No need to purchase moving labels when they are embedded in all moving boxes. Fast and free shipping for most of the U.S.! 

Embedded Moving Labels on Boxes

Printable moving labels versus having them on the moving box?

Professional movers like to use moving labels that are on moving boxes because all of the moving labels are in the same place. For example, the checkbox of where to put the moving box is placed on the side of the box. The reason for this is when the moving boxes are stacked, your movers need to know where the boxes go without looking on top.

If you use printable moving labels, it is easy to put them in places that the movers won't look at. Besides, why buy moving labels when they are already included in all of our moving boxes.

 All moving kits include moving supplies and moving boxes that include embedded moving labels on the moving box. These moving labels are very important because they help you save money on the cost of your move. The reason is by filling out the moving labels on your moving boxes, your movers will be faster because they will know which room to place your boxes in without asking you. 

Also  moving labels help you stay organized in having your boxes be moved in the right room, versus being stacked in your garage. Lastly, moving labels on the moving boxes also help movers effectively move, as they know what is fragile and how to stack the moving boxes appropriately.

For information on why it is important to use high-quality moving boxes go to:
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More Information
UPC 741360977426
Weight 0.1875
Brand uBoxes
Color Multicolor
Material Adhesive Stickers
Size Medium Labels
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 9.5 x 9.5 x 0.5