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Need New York City moving boxes, packing supplies, NYC moving kits, art boxes, or kitchen boxes without having to haul them back home in a taxi or walk them home? If so, it is very easy to buy New York City moving boxes online at discounted prices with free shipping and easy doorstep delivery. You simply go online and order them with no fuss and no muss. They will arrive at your doorstep the very next day in a bigger box that will either be left at your doorstep or with your Bellman. All you have to do is pack your valuables in the assortment of cartons and then enjoy your move as you know that your valuables will be well protected.


NYC Moving Tips When Buying Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies:


:#1. How To Pack Pots and Pans After You Buy New York City Moving Boxes:

Supplies Needed: 

Kitchen Boxes 

Packing Paper

Packing Tape

1. Crumple up several pieces of packing paper as a cushion on the bottom. 

2. Place a pot on top of the packing paper. Wrap the paper around the pot. 

3. Next another pot inside and follow the same procedure up to three nested pots. 

4. Optional- You can secure with tape but you often don't need to. 

5. Place the pans on their side and start packing the next set of pans. 

6. Be sure you wrap your lids and place them in the same NYC moving boxes. 


#2. New York City Moving Boxes Glass Packing Tips:

Moving Supplies in NY City You Will Need: 

Dish pack boxes

Packing Paper

Packing Tape


1. Crumple up several pieces of packing paper to create a cushion on the bottom of your boxes. 

2. Put a glass in the corner of the packing paper and wrap the packing paper inside of the glass and then around it. Roll the glass up. 

3. Place the glass upside down in the box. 

4. Put a layer of cardboard to separate layers. 

5. Don't forget to label your boxes FRAGILE and tape securely. 



#3: Order New York City Moving Boxes Online But Don't Forget To Also Protect Your Mattress and Box Springs Covers

One of the most forgotten supplies in the city is mattress bags. With the large problem of bed bugs when involved in New York City moving, this is something that everyone should use.

Moving Supplies in New York City That Are Needed: 

Mattress bags that fit the size of your mattress with twin/full, Queen, or King.

Please note that one bag is used for your mattress, the other one is used for your box spring.

1. Slip the bag over your mattress or box spring. 

2. Tape the ends. It is that simple! 


#4. New York City Moving Boxes Wardrobe Box Packing Tips: 

The best way to move hanging clothes is to invest in wardrobe boxes. These special boxes are stronger and have a 24-inch bar where you can hang your clothes inside of them. 

Moving Supplies in NY City That Are needed: 

Wardrobe boxes

Large moving boxes to pack folded clothes

Packing Tape

1. Line the bottom of your wardrobe boxes with shoes and belts. 

2. Put your clothes on wire hangers if you want to fit more clothes in each box. 

3. Hang your clothes upright inside of the box. 

Helpful New York City Moving Resources: 

1. Go to this helpful site if you have questions about tenant rights in New York City

2. Looking for storage in New York City?
Long Island Moving & Storage Association
29 Urban Drive, Selden, NY 11784
Message Center and Fax (631) 980-3882
3. Moving in Long Island?
Long Island Moving and Storage Association
29 Urban Drive
 Selden, NY  11784
fax:  631-980-3882
4. Research New York City Moving Providers in the BBB.
Better Business Bureau of New York
257 Park Avenue South, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10010-7384
Office Hours: 9-5 Monday through Friday
Fax: 212.477.4912
[email protected] (Reliability Report)



For any issues, complaints and/or inquiries on Interstate licensed movers,  you may contact the:

6. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

1200 New Jersey Avenue SE Washington DC  20590


Thank You For Buying New York City moving boxes from MBD and we wish you a great move!