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Moving Box Crafts | Re-use Moving Boxes with Crafts

Enter your craft ideas of what you can do to re-use moving boxes and your Child's box art will be published on our blog. Moving Box Delivery sells moving boxes and moving supplies in moving kits. Once our customers are finished moving, Moving Box Delivery is  committed to helping people recycle boxes, or re-use their moving supplies.

A great way to re-use moving boxes is to create crafts for kids using recycled moving boxes supplies.  Let your children enjoy the gift of boxes and have a lot of fun creating new projects using moving boxes. 


Craft Ideas for Moving Boxes? Enter Our Contest!

 If you wonderful craft ideas for kids using recycled moving boxes and moving supplies that has not been published on a web site, please contact us by e-mail. Please include the name, school, address, phone number and an e-mail  to reach you at.

Have your child create your craft idea using the moving boxes and moving supplies from your box kit. E-mail your pictures or videos to us and we will publish on our blog.

You will be entered to win a contest if your school is chosen to create school crafts from moving boxes
Pictures of your childs' moving box craft project will be published on our blog, and you will be entered to win our annual contest for the best craft ideas using moving boxes.


What is Included in Moving Kits?

   Moving kits include:
1. All purpose boxes for moving  (1.5 cubic)
2. Kitchen moving boxes in moving kits (3.0 cubic)
3. Pillow/comforter moving boxes  in moving  kits (4.5 cubic)
4. Padded packing foam to wrap fragiles
5. Packing paper to wrap kitchen dishes included in all moving kits
6. Moving tape in all moving kits
7. Optional wardrobe boxes can be added to any moving kits
8. All moving boxes include moving labels imprinted on the boxes

     moving kits make moving easy