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Moving Storage Boxes | Need Boxes for Storage?

The day has come when you are moving into storage and you need to find quality moving storage boxes. Moving Box Delivery sells  small boxes to large boxes, and every type of moving supply that is possible.  Our Irvine moving  boxes and moving supplies that are certified for use with moving and storing. This means that when you place your valuables inside of your moving storage boxes, they will have the highest level of protection. Your valuables are worth a lot of money, why risk placing them in boxes that will damage your belongings, when for the same price you can purchase high quality boxes for moving designed for storage.

Moving Storage Boxes

Helpful storage supply information:

Do you need moving storages boxes for your move into storage?

5 x 10 storage units- If you have a very small studio, or only have a room of your house to pack, then this is a good size. The number of storage moving boxes are ideal for the size of storage unit this is. Storage supplies are available in storage kits.

10x15 storage units- On average you would need storage moving boxes and storage supplies that would support a 1-2 bedroom apartment with no garage and an average amount of belongings. We offer storage supply kits that include everything you need for this size of storage unit.

10x 20 storage units- With this size storage unit you are looking at having a 2 bedroom townhouse, or a 2 bedroom house. You need many more storage moving boxes and supplies with this size. Therefore,  Moving Box Delivery recommends that you purchase the storage supply kit that is equal to the number of storage moving boxes if you were moving a 2 bedroom house.  It includes packing supplies and storage boxes.

10x30 storage units- Need storage moving boxes for a  3-4 bedroom house? If the answer is yes you are in great luck. Moving Box Delivery offers a storage supply kit for this size of home that includes moving storage boxes and storage supplies. 



Packing Tip:
The most important tip for packing moving storage boxes is to fill them up to the top. Put crumpled newspaper or inkless packing paper to fill in the gaps before your tape your boxes shut. This helps the boxes stay as strong as they possibly can when multiple boxes are stacked on top of them in storage.