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Recycle Boxes to Schools After You Move | Ideas to Re-use Moving Boxes

Recycle Boxes to Schools After You Move
Re-use your moving boxes by donating them to a school for school craft projects!

Moving Box Delivery sells moving boxes and moving supplies in by the size of the home.  Once our customers are finished moving, Moving Box Delivery is committed to helping people recycle boxes, or re-use their moving supplies.

A great way to re-use moving boxes is to create school crafts using recycled moving boxes supplies.  Many schools do not have the budget desired to create as many arts and crafts projects that they would like. Your donation could bring smiles to many children as they create fabulous art projects using moving boxes that you were just going to throw away. Recycle boxes to schools is a wonderful way to re-use your moving boxes and supplies.


Donate Your Moving Boxes to a School 

If you are a school that is interested in receiving donations of moving boxes and moving supplies, please e-mail us to be included in our directory.

If you are not sure if your school would be interested in receiving your moving boxes and moving supplies, contact the principal. Tell them about our site that includes ideas of school crafts using moving boxes and supplies, and ask if they would be interested.

Do You Have Ideas for School Crafts?
Are you a teacher interested in a donation?

If you have ideas of wonderful school crafts ideas using recycled boxes for moving and moving supplies that have not been published on a web site, please contact us by e-mail. Please include the name of your school, address, phone number, and an e-mail to reach you at.

Moving Box Delivery is particularly partial to donating moving kits and moving supplies to schools that don't have as high of budgets for arts and crafts.

You will be entered to win a contest if your school is chosen to create school crafts from moving boxes
Pictures of your school's art project will be published on our blog, and you will be entered to win our annual contest for the best school crafts out of moving boxes.

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