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How to Recycle Moving Boxes in Phoenix- Phoenix Recycling Moving Box Information

Recycle Moving Boxes in Phoenix!

How to Recycle Your Moving Boxes After You Use Them in Phoenix

Moving Box Delivery sells moving boxes and moving supplies by the size of the home. Our moving boxes are made from recycled materials and everything you need to pack your home. To keep our planet healthy and to make your life easier after you move, Moving Box Delivery recommends to either re-use your Phoenix moving boxes or recycle your boxes after you move.  Recycling Phoenix moving boxes helps our environment a lot!

There are a few tips to learn about how to recycle Phoenix moving boxes and after you understand these tips, it will also make your life easier after you move.

Have you ever moved into your new home and ended up with tons and tons of empty boxes for moving that you didn't know what to do with?


Want to Recycle Moving Boxes in Phoenix After You Move?  

Recycling moving boxes in Phoenix is easy. Phoenix has a wonderful moving box recycling program that every resident can take advantage of FREE of charge. Getting rid of your cardboard moving boxes helps you get organized faster and also helps our environment when you know it is going to be recycled.




Call the Public Works Department to Schedule A FREE Phoenix Moving Boxes Pickup for Recycling! Call 602-262-7251

Recycle Phoenix Moving Boxes After You Use

If you are a resident in the city of Phoenix, you can call Public Works and schedule a moving box pickup to have all your moving boxes picked up from your home. The city of Phoenix takes anywhere from 1-5 days to arrive at your home and prefers to pick up 150 moving boxes or less. All moving boxes are picked up from your home in Phoenix are then recycled and you don't even have to take them there. It truly is a wonderful program!

The city of Phoenix also has two drop-off locations if you prefer to get recycle Phoenix moving boxes yourself.

These locations are:

3060 27th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona

1919 East University Drive, Phoenix Arizona

If you live outside of Phoenix and want to Recycle Phoenix Moving Boxes

There are private companies that offer moving box pickup service in Phoenix for a charge. For example, the Curbside Recycling and Disposal will pick up your moving boxes for a fee. The minimum fee is $50 and up. Call for more information (602) 225-0020