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How to Recycle Moving Boxes in San Diego, California

Moving Box Delivery sells moving boxes that are made from  100% recycled corrugated materials. This means that not only are you buying recycled cardboard, but you can recycle moving boxes in San Diego after you use them. 

Here are a few tips to learn about how to recycle San Diego moving boxes and after you understand these tips, it will also make your life easier after you move.


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Have you ever moved into your new house or apartment in San Diego and ended up with tons and tons of cardboard that you didn't know what to do with?


Want to Recycle Moving Boxes in San Diego After You Move?  

If you want to recycle moving boxes in San Diego, there are a variety of options; some better for the environment than others. We hope this is a helpful resource in making our planet healthy.


Recycle Moving Boxes in San Diego At Curbside

Recycle Seattle moving boxes by placing your cardboard moving boxes inside of your cardboard bin. The City of San Diego will not take any moving boxes unless they are inside of the bins. However, you can get rid of your moving boxes in San Diego over several weeks if you need to. 

-You don't have to do anything special to the boxes except flatten them and take off the tape.


San Diego's Move-In/Move Out Appointment-Not Recommended
Moving Box Delivery does NOT recommend using the city's program of picking up boxes. Yes, they will come to your house and pick up your moving boxes. That is nice, however, the downside is that ALL  of your moving boxes will go into the landfill NOT the recycling bins. People think their moving boxes are being recycled in San Diego when they are not.  


Drop Off Recycling Centers in San Diego
San Diego provides several options for recycling moving boxes in San Diego if you are willing to take your moving boxes to the drop off location.

The Miramar Recycling Center will Pay YOU Money for Your Moving Boxes!
5165 Convoy Street
San Diego, Ca 92111
(858) 268-8971

Help The Youth Of San Diego By Recycling Moving Boxes in San Diego at One of 44 Park and Recreation Centers