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Moving Boxes Make Unique Gifts | Moving Kit as a Present

Top 10 Most Unique Gifts- A Moving Kit Being Our #1 Choice

There are so many holidays and so many friends, family and co-workers to buy gifts for, sometimes it is helpful to think of unique gifts. If you have a friend, family member or co-worker who is moving, buying them a  moving boxes and moving supplies for the size of home they have is our top ranked of the unique gifts. (We are biased though we will admit)


Top 10 Unique Gifts

Unique gifts as voted by Moving Box Delivery

1. Unique gifts- Boxes for Moving & Moving Supplies
-Includes all of the moving boxes and moving supplies they need to pack their home. Makes wonderful unique gifts for anyone who is moving.
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2. Unique gifts- A gift certificate for a spa
You will babysit the kids while your friend or family member goes to the spa.

3. Unique gifts- Clean the home of a person who just had a baby
When you just have a baby, housework is the first to go. Give the unique gift of doing housework, or making a dinner for someone you care about that has kids.

4. Unique gifts- Repair things that are broken in someones house
Not everyone is handy. Therefore, if you have a friend or family member with many things broken in their home, there is nothing that is more appreciated then helping them fix it.  One of our favorite unique gift ideas.

5. Unique gifts- Babysit a person's children
Are you looking for unique gifts for a people who have children? There is not a better unique gift idea then babysitting your friends children so they can hit the town, or even enjoy a relaxing dinner together.

6. Unique gifts- A subscription to Netflix for someone who doesn't use computers
If you are looking for unique gifts for a person who doesn't use computers but loves movies, a Netflix subscription is a wonderful choice. Don't forget to sit down with your friend and chose all of the movies they want to order for the next year. Then every though they don't know how to use a computer, they will enjoy their unique gift in the mail each month.

7. Unique gifts- How to Books for something they are interested in

     enjoy giving unique gifts to those you love