Strong wardrobe boxes are a great moving supply item if you are selling your home and want to move quickly as a result of the pandemic. Due to Covid, it is estimated that 1/3 of the U.S. population is considering moving to a less densely populated area. People are moving out quickly, and we are here to help with excellent products and helpful moving and packing information.

Why Wardrobe Boxes are So Helpful To Use When Moving? can help make your packing and moving easier and less expensive. The more you prepare your home to sell, the faster it will sell. Preparation pays off, and our moving boxes and moving supplies can help your family in this process. One of the most helpful packing tools is wardrobe boxes. The reason is they are large and can hold big bulky items, yet you can seal them up. They are fast and easy to pack. Also, these versatile containers have a bar inside of them so you can easily hang up coats, clothes, or even hang things on it like umbrellas.

So if you are moving, you have a variety of boxes in different sizes and you have wardrobe boxes, now you can start to prepare. They also can be placed in storage if needed.

Top Five Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly Using Strong Wardrobe Boxes

Tip #1: Clear out your garage and pack items that you are not using in wardrobe boxes, and large storage boxes.  

A garage matters to a lot of people, and first impressions go a long way. To get the top sales price for a house you are selling, declutter your garage. Empty your garage of everything except for “fun things.” Emptying a garage makes it look bigger and people can envision what they would do with that extra space.
If you live in a state where people ski, then keep your skis, boats, and sleds. If you live in a beach area then keep your bikes, surfboards, golf clubs and boogie boards.

Tip #2: Declutter your entire home using a combination of kitchen boxes, shorty wardrobe boxes and different sizes of cartons  

One of the most important steps before you even show your house to an agent, or any prospective buyer  is to “declutter your house.”  Nothing can make a house look more outdated and old then having stuff everywhere. People get used to their stuff, so get an outside opinion.

Although this process is easy, it can take some time. Determine what you need, what you want to store, and what you want to give away. For large items that you want to store, consider purchasing sturdy wardrobe boxes as they can hold clothes and other large items. Then you can optionally rent a large storage unit and pack away as many things as you can into your unit. Make sure you use furniture moving blankets to wrap around furniture or large pieces in the unit.

Tip #3: Paint the walls of the main living area 

Paint is not expensive relative to the return it provides. If you spend $2000 on professional painters but are able to sell your home months faster and sell it for $75,000 more, a coat of paint was worth it.

Believe me, there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a home look a decade younger, fresher, and cleaner. It also helps get rid of odors that you may not notice but other people may smell. Investing in a coat of paint can increase the time that your home requires to sell because it looks and feels better.

Also in preparation for painting, you are moving furniture in the middle of the room. You likely will find dust and all sorts of things that have accumulated over the years. This deep cleaning process will make your home feel and smell better. While painting you can use paper moving pads

Tip #4: Make sure that your yard doesn't have weeds and plant flowers, and store excess garden equipment in boxes in your garage

When people drive up to your home, first impressions matter. You can get so used to looking at your home, that you don't notice a weed here or there. Or perhaps overgrown bushes, or flowers that need to be de-headed. It makes a huge difference to have an outside perspective look at your yard (both from and back) and see where you can clean it up.

Investing in annual flowers can go a long way before you show a home. These flowers are not expensive and can add pops of color in key areas.

Tip #5: Takedown as much art as you possibly can

Everyone has a different taste in art. Your home may be beautiful and it reflects you, but someone else may hate it and not be able to see through that it is the art, not the home. Carefully targeted art can be helpful, but it is fine to have walls that are blank. It makes space feel better and prospective buyers can envision their style in the home.

Tip #6: If you have pets, don't have pet products, houses, bones, and leases around the home and place large dog toys in wardrobe boxes

This sounds obvious, but many times people think their dog is the cutest thing in the world and believe everyone will feel the same way. This simply isn't true. Animals can create smells, and specific things they sit on like dog beds, cat climbing toys can create an odor. They also give a feeling to a home that it is worn and lived in. People want to feel like they are moving into a clean new space, so don't highlight Rover your dog.

I hope these moving and packing tips are helpful!