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Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes

Uboxes Picture Moving Boxes
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Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes

Packing picture frames, paintings, artworks, and mirrors is a bit trickier than other household items requiring extra attention to packing as well as the type of the Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes you order. The correct Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies are as important as the packing technique. For example, putting a mirror by itself in a Mirror Box is asking for disaster regardless of how sturdy the box may be. Consider buying your Picture and Mirror Boxes from a reputable vendor, use the best packing techniques, and follow these tips to reduce the risk of damage to your valuable artwork and mirrors:

  • Bubble Rolls – Use of Bubble Rolls is a must when packing picture frames or mirrors. First, wrap the objects in a layer or two of the Rubble Roll and secure the ends with Packing Tape. The second step is to carefully insert the painting or mirror into the Picture and Mirror Box and adjust the box sleeves to the size of the contents. Finally, secure the two Mirror Box inserts with ample Packing Tape.
  • Picture and Mirror Box Sizes – The size of the Picture and Mirror Boxes should never be the same size as their contents. Always order boxes that offer enough room for packing materials like Bubble Rolls necessary to support the pictures or artworks against shifting.
  • Packing PeanutsPacking Peanuts could be substituted or used in addition to the Bubble Rolls. Packing Peanuts is great in filling the crevices and reducing the risk of shifting the objects inside the Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes.
  • Picture Pouches – The plastic Picture Pouches are a perfect solution for protecting the picture frames and mirrors against water, dust, and dirt. The use of the Picture Pouches is strongly recommended especially when using the Packing Peanuts as void fill
  • Void Fill – Any professional mover can testify to the importance of the void fill. The void refers to the empty space between the objects and the Moving Boxes. Although uBoxes offers the highest moving quality of Picture and Mirror Boxes the risk of damage and breakage would increase if the void area is not filled regardless of how sturdy the boxes are manufactured.
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