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Recycle Boxes | Recycle Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies

All of the recycled moving boxes that Moving Box Delivery sells are made from corrugated recycled materials. Moving Box Delivery promotes and encourages all of our customers to recycle boxes, or re-use them after they move. This helps our planet!

Once you move, you have three choices of what to do with your moving boxes and moving supplies.

1. You can re-use your moving boxes or give them away. 
2. You can recycle moving boxes.
3.  You can 
throw moving boxes away. (Not recommended) 

Learn how to recycle moving boxes in the specific city that you live in:

Recycle moving boxes in Denver | Recycle moving boxes in Portland | Recycle moving boxes in Phoenix | Recycle moving boxes in Seattle | Recycle moving boxes in San Francisco | Recycle moving boxes in San Diego | Recycle moving boxes in Los Angeles

Recycle Boxes or Re-use Them 

All Moving Box Delivery boxes are made from 100% recycled material. This is important to know when buying recycled moving boxes because it is important to help our environment while you are moving.

However, many people do a wonderful thing to buy boxes for moving and moving supplies by the size of the home, and then just throw them in the trash when their move is over. What started off as being helpful, doesn't result in that.

Also many people do not know that many cities in the US will actually throw moving boxes away that are placed at curbside. It is really important that you understand how your specific city is able to recycle boxes.  Moving Box Delivery has local city resources for several cities in the US, working toward getting all of them posted on our site as a resource.

Why Recycle Boxes After You Move?

View our blog for great ideas to re-use moving boxes!

Every city in the United States provides EASY and cost-effective ways to recycle moving boxes. If each person took 5 minutes to figure out where they could drop off corrugated boxes in their local city, and/or have them picked up from the recycling company, this would help eliminate boxes from being deposited in the trash and our landfills. If we all did this every time we moved, it would drastically help improve our environment and help stop global warming.

Some recycling centers will even PAY YOU for your recycled moving boxes!

Different Ways to Recycle Boxes 
 1. Curbside Pickup to Recycle Boxes:

Call your local recycling company to discover how to recycle boxes in your local area. Some cities offer curbside pickup of moving boxes, others have a 1-time FREE PICKUP service, while others do not provide the service at all. With these cities, you will have to go to a local drop off center to recycle boxes. 


Sometimes people think they are recycling boxes when they put them on the curb and they are picked up. However, in many cities, if you don’t make an appointment to pick them up by the recycling company, it is the TRASH company that actually picks them up. NOT the recycling company. So you think you are recycling when you are not!  

2. Recycling Centers to Recycle Boxes:

Make a quick phone call and find out if there are local recycling areas where you can drop off your moving boxes to be recycled.  It is easy to locate these areas by going to Earth911.

Go to Earth 911 and type in “boxes” and the city you live in. It will tell you local places that recycle moving boxes.

Find Local Recycling Center in Your City

3. Re-use Moving Boxes 
Moving Box Delivery is committed to helping our customer re-use their moving boxes. One really fun program that we offer is to use your cardboard boxes to make fun crafts for kids, get rid of the weeds in your garden or donate to people who need moving supplies. 

Send us an e-mail with fun ideas you have of what to do with moving boxes are you use them. If your child has created a craft using your boxes, please e-mail them to us and we will post on our blog.

911 and type in “boxes” and the city you live in. It will tell you local places that recycle moving boxes.


  • 9 Cubic Yards of landfill space is saved JUST by recycling one ton of boxes. This amounts to a savings of over 9 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • You can save up to 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide each year just by recycling half of your household waste. This adds up when everyone does their part.
  • More waste paper comes from moving boxes than anything other forms of waste. This means that YOU can help make a big difference in having a healthy planet with a commitment to recycling boxes after you move.