Recycle Moving Boxes in Portland

How to Recycle Your Moving Boxes After You Use Them in Portland

Moving Box Delivery sells moving boxes and moving supplies by size of home giving you everything you need to pack your home prior to moving.  

To keep our planet healthy and to make your life easier after you move, Moving Box Delivery recommends to either re-use in the Portland Cubside recycling program.   

If you want to recycle Portland moving boxes, please know that the curb side program varies drastically depending where you live in Portland. There are over 30 different recycling trash companies that service Portland, so the best advice is call the hot line to learn specific recycling information in your area for moving boxes.

Portland hot line recycling phone number is 503-234-3000

Generally speaking, most areas of Portland only accept flattened cardboard boxes that you can fit inside of a blue recycling bin. Some collectors accept more, but you should call to find specifics for your area.

Recycle Portland Moving Boxes and Get Paid Money

There are several moving box recycling resources in Portland about where you can go to take your Portland moving boxes to a drop off location, and in some cases even make some money.

One of the large Portland recycling resources that offers drop off service  for cardboard moving boxes is Far West Fibers. You can drop off and recycle Portland moving boxes at their locations for recycling.

Serving N.E. Portland Recycling: 503-255-2299

Serving North, Northwest and Lake Oswego- 503-329-2890

Serving Hilsboro-503-643-9944